- How Family Get-Togethers Get Going
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Ideas for Birthday Parties

Create a giant-sized birthday card for nursing home residents with birthdays this month. Set out some poster board and some colorful markers, asking guests to decorate and sign them. Drop off at a local facility, to be displayed in a dining or commons area.  
In addition to or in lieu of traditional gifts for the honoree, ask guests to bring along no-longer-needed knick-knacks, décor or “White elephant” items to be swapped. Or, donate them to a shelter, Goodwill or another thrift shop that uses proceeds for disabled veterans, cancer research of other causes.  
Give all attendees disposable cameras, and let them take pictures during the party. Ask them to turn the cameras in to you at the end of the party, along with small donations to help pay for a photo book of the party. When the book is complete, present it as a gift for the birthday honoree. Idea submitted by Julie Gates, Coeur d Alene, Idaho.  

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