- How Family Get-Togethers Get Going
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Ideas for Those in Need

Collect and donate new or gently used clothing to a homeless shelter, Goodwill or another thrift shop that uses proceeds for disabled veterans, cancer research of other causes.  
Collect and donate toys for a homeless or domestic violence shelter.  
Collect and donate used cell phones to a women’s shelter.  
Collect items and prepare food baskets for those in need at Thanksgiving or other times.  
Collect and donate canned goods to your local food bank.  
Host a pass-along potluck – bring dishes to be donated to a shelter or family in need. Or, collect ingredients and recipes for simple dishes and drop these off for someone in need.  
Make or collect and donate laundry soap for a shelter.  
Collect and donate handbags and other accessories for a shelter.  
Collect or make candy or other treats for a shelter.  
Make or collect and donate holiday decorations for a shelter.  
Collect and donate professional clothing for low-income women (  
Collect and donate formal/prom dresses for low-income girls (  
Collect and donate eyeglasses for developing nations (  

Do you have an idea that you would like to share? Share it with us!